Services include:

Energy audits:

  • Quick “walk-through” audits that provide a general idea of what savings potential exists
  • Preliminary facility evaluation audits that provide budget numbers for savings and costs for potential projects
  • Detailed facility evaluation audits that provide in depth analysis of operational savings and closer estimates of project costs

Implementation design

  • Mechanical and electrical plans and specifications for projects
  • Conceptual
  • Bid documents

Project management

  • Development of bid requests
  • Contractor bid review and evaluation
  • Contractor selection
  • Construction observation

New construction design review

  • Review plans and specifications to identify potential operational savings from improved equipment selection or control strategies.

Industrial process energy design review

  • Review industrial process equipment and operating strategies for operational savings from modifications to equipment or controls.


  • General or site-specific personnel training for building equipment operations and maintenance to optimize operating costs and comfort

Strategic utility planning

  • Assist management with the evaluation of utility alternatives to optimize operating costs now, and in the future.