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Canterbury Energy Engineering, LLC was founded in January 1994 initially as an independent, contract engineer for other energy service companies (ESCOs).  Canterbury Energy provides high quality, cost-effective, energy engineering ON DEMAND without causing a large, permanent, increase in overhead.

What sets CEE apart from vendors and energy service companies (ESCOs) is that we provide a completely independent evaluation of your facility and make recommendations based only on their economic merit.  Canterbury Energy does not benefit from the implementation of any specific recommendation or the installation of any specific product.

CEE also provides energy engineering consulting services directly to commercial, industrial, and institutional clients.  Universities, office buildings, hospitals, municipal buildings, schools districts, industrial customers, etc. call on CEE to provide all levels of energy engineering consulting services from simple walk-through audits to detailed “investment grade” audits.  CEE also can act effectively as your representative by developing a request for proposal (RFP), for ESCO selection, and project management on all levels of energy upgrades, including performance contracts.  With Canterbury Energy on your side, realistic goals will be set and achieved.

Richard R. Vaillencourt, PE, LEED AP has degrees in both mechanical and electrical engineering combined with thirty years of practical experience including: electrical construction, as a plant engineer (industrial), as a corporate energy manager (industrial), and working for several ESCOs before becoming an independent energy engineer.  Richard has presented several papers at the World Energy Engineering Congress over the years and has authored a book: Simple Solutions to Energy Calculations which is in its fifth edition.

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