VFD Minimum Speed Equation
A semi-mathematical, intuitive explanation for selecting the proper motor speed ratio to apply the Affinity Law formulas to.

VFD Equation 
A somewhat more mathematical proof for the formula to determine the proper motor speed ratio to obtain accurate Affinity Law results.

Staggered Start and Peak Demand
A common misconception about motor inrush current is that it has a profound affect on peak demand.  This paper explains how peak demand is measured and how to avoid unnecessary peaks.

Energy Myths & Magic: An Examination of Conservation Measures and Calculations
Some common Energy Conservation Measures sound good. But are they really?

Energy Myths & Magic II
A second paper delivered on this topic.  Contains the introductory elements of the first paper with different examples at the end.

Manage Your Guarantee
A quick guide for the building manager dealing with Performance Contracts, Energy Savings Guarantees, or Performance Guarantees.